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Discovering Core Insights

Artime Clock -
Where Art Meets Time

The Artime clock collection is an innovative project by our talented group of industrial designers. It explores the abstract concept of time through fabric-related metaphors, creating wall clocks that functionally tell time while evoking emotional and intellectual connections with time.

OCTOBER 30, 2023
Taming the Wilderness -
Collection of Home Decor Lamps

Our team shared a vision—to bring the awe-inspiring, unbridled beauty of the wilderness right into the heart of your home.

NOVEMBER 06, 2023
Crafting Versatile Totes for
Empowered Creators

In the ever-changing realm of fashion, where trends come and go like the tide, a brand is quietly making its debut, driven by a unique and enduring vision.

NOVEMBER 13, 2023
Urban Living Hack -
Flatpack Water Dispenser Stand

In the bustling urban landscape, where life moves at an unforgiving pace, young professionals and city newcomers often find themselves migrating between cities and neighborhoods.

NOVEMBER 20, 2023
A Chronicle of Touch in the Digital Age:
The Astha Calendar Journey

The birth of the Astha Calendar was far more than plotting dates on a page. It was an endeavor to reshape the way we perceive time itself.

NOVEMBER 27, 2023
Transforming Art into Everyday Magic:
The Story of Our Artful Playing Cards

Art, in all its forms, has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and spark creativity. It enriches our lives in profound ways.

DECEMBER 04, 2023