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OCTOBER 30, 2023

Artime Clock -
Where Art Meets Time


Imagine a clock that transcends its role as a mere timekeeping device, transforming into a captivating work of art. The Artime Clock, an innovative attempt at redefining time by CORE Experience, embodies this vision with its unique fabric-inspired design that invites deep emotional and intellectual connections with time.

A Novel Concept in Timekeeping

The Artime Clock effortlessly blends art and functionality in a seamless manner. Its clock face is crafted from a special stretchable fabric material, representing time's inherent elasticity. This fabric, elegantly secured within a minimalist wooden frame, strikes a delicate balance between simplicity and intricacy. We have departed from conventional designs and replaced traditional numerals with abstract, fluid shapes. These shapes symbolize the malleability of time, reminiscent of the act of stretching and expanding. As for the clock's hands, they are ingeniously crafted from transparent, flexible material, creating an illusion of stretching and contracting. This dynamic representation mirrors time's fluidity and adaptability. The clock face's color palette transitions gracefully from deep blues to serene purples, creating a tranquil ambiance that enhances its overall appeal.

"These are just a few glimpses of what the Artime project envisions. Our goal is to redefine how we relate to and appreciate the concept of time in our lives."

User-Centric: The Installation Experience

Installation of the Artime Clock is a delightful experience. Users play an active role in shaping the clock's appearance as they impart their unique touch during the installation process. This user input allows for a personalized puff pattern, fostering a deeper connection between the owner and the clock. It transforms the Artime Clock from a mere timekeeping device to a part of the user's journey.


Time as a Flexible Entity

At the core of the Artime Clock lies a profoundly innovative concept: the portrayal of time as a flexible and ever-expansive entity. This challenges the conventional perception of time as an immovable and rigid construct. We've chosen the metaphor of "blossoming time," representing the desire to break free from limitations and reach greater heights. It encourages users to feel the need to do more, be better, and break their own boundaries whenever they witness time passing through this concept.


Engaging with Time

Interacting with the Artime Clock is a sensory journey. Users are encouraged to perceive time in a novel and tactile manner. The clock's fabric face invites users to gently tug on it, reinforcing the concept of time's natural elasticity. As the clock's hands gracefully glide, they create the illusion of stretching and contracting, providing viewers with a dynamic representation of time's essence.

Exploring Other Metaphors

CORE Experience envisions the Artime project as a platform to explore different facets of time through a series of unique concepts. We believe that a clock should not merely be a device that ticks away hours and minutes, but an instrument that provokes contemplation and introspection..One such concept revolves around the idea of being "short on time." In this unique timepiece, we aim to capture the essence of urgency and the fleeting nature of time. Another concept we are developing is themed around "running against the clock." It visualizes the relentless pursuit of deadlines and the tension that often accompanies such scenarios. In a different vein, we are exploring the concept of "racing the clock." This unique design will embody the exhilaration of trying to accomplish as much as possible within a limited timeframe.

Stretching Our Perceptions of Time

The Artime Clock is not just a decor piece; it's a humble novelty that encourages us to perceive time in a whole new light.What sets the Artime Clock apart is its seamless integration into the world of time-telling accessories. Unlike ostentatious counterparts, it boasts a minimalistic design that gracefully enhances the aesthetic appeal of any room it graces. It adds an understated yet significant touch to the room's ambiance, making it a subtle yet engaging conversation piece. It invites individuals to aspire, break boundaries, and emerge bigger and better, much like the fabric breaking free and blossoming. Artime extends an invitation to us all: let us stretch our perceptions of time and embrace the exquisite fluidity of our existence, where each moment holds the potential to become a masterpiece waiting to be experienced.