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NOVEMBER 06, 2023

Taming the Wilderness -
Collection of Home Decor Lamps


Our team shared a vision—to bring the awe-inspiring, unbridled beauty of the wilderness right into the heart of your home. This vision materialized as the "Simplified Wilderness" collection—a harmonious fusion of light and artistry, inspired by the majestic denizens of the wild.

Weaving the Wilderness:An Expedition Through Light and Nature

In our endeavor to capture the essence of the untamed wilderness, we embarked on a thoughtful journey, curating every element with care and precision. Our muse emerged from the enchanting flamingo, a creature adorned in delicate pink plumes, its presence a dance of grace and elegance. From the delicate touch of soft pink threads to the subtle glow of rose gold accents, we were inspired to create a captivating piece that transcends the ordinary realm of lighting. This lamp is a proof to our dedication to craftsmanship and innovative design, offering not just illumination but a gentle escape into nature's warm embrace.

"What distinguishes us isn't solely the beauty of our creations; it's our enduring passion for excellence, our commitment to innovative design, and our continuous pursuit of perfection."

Nature as Muse: A Soothing Respite

In a world frequently entangled in turmoil and disarray, our team of talented designers drew their inspiration from the most remarkable creator of all - Mother Nature. As William Shakespeare wisely noted, 'One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.' They embarked on a deep exploration, striving to distill the very core of the wilderness, encapsulating its unrestrained elegance within the simplicity of form. The outcome is a collection that invites you to discover the mystique of the wild, providing a beautiful sanctuary from the hectic rush of life.

Elegance Redefined: The Fenico Lamp

At the forefront of the collection stands the illustrious Fenico Lamp—an embodiment of elegance and innovation redefined. Imagine standing in the presence of a lamp intricately woven with delicate pink threads and bedecked with the resplendent sheen of rose gold. Each element was chosen with unwavering precision, every detail a testament to thoughtful design. It's an experience that envelops your senses, inviting you to explore the perfect harmony between form and function.

A World of Transformation: Creating Serenity

Dual light sources awaken, casting a warm and inviting radiance that envelops your space. It's more than just light; it's an ambiance that captivates and soothes, creating an atmosphere of unparalleled comfort.Gracefully soaring to a height of 72 inches, the Fenico Lamp is meticulously crafted from mild steel, with every curve and contour thoughtfully polished to a warm rose gold finish. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about precision. Discover the beauty at its core, where dual warm-toned light sources entwine. Light gently illuminates through frosted acrylic plastic shells, creating a serene ambiance that transforms your space into a haven.

Join the Journey: Inviting You to Explore

We cordially invite you to embark on this transformative odyssey with us—a journey where each detail weaves a unique narrative of distinction, and every ray of light breathes enchantment into existence. At Core Experience, we don't merely design products; we craft narratives that distinguish us from the rest. The "Simplified Wilderness" collection transcends being just a collection; it's an homage to the wild's unbridled beauty, thoughtfully simplified and artfully celebrated within the confines of your living space.

Elevate Your Space: A Touch of the Wild

Picture, amid the hustle and bustle of your daily life, being transported to the heart of the wilderness. Visualize the captivating presence of the Fenico Lamp, or one of its companions, gracing your space—a collection that redefines elegance, innovation, and the irresistible allure of the wild.

Beyond Fenico: A Glimpse of the Untamed

And there's more to explore beyond Fenico—a captivating glimpse into the untamed. Join us as we continue to craft narratives that harmonize nature and design, redefining the very essence of your living space.

Can you guess which one's are the inspiration for the following image?