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DECEMBER 04, 2023

Transforming Art
into Everyday Magic:
The Story of
Our Artful Playing Cards


Do you ever walk through the hallowed halls of an art gallery and feel a sense of awe and inspiration? Or perhaps a painting on your living room wall has the power to transport you to another world? Art, in all its forms, has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions, tell stories, and spark creativity. It enriches our lives in profound ways. But, here's the question: Why should this experience be confined to the walls of elite galleries or the homes of a privileged few? At CORE, we firmly believe that art should be accessible to everyone, an integral part of our daily lives. Embark with us on a voyage that forges a connection between art and everyday existence, reshaping art into familiar, everyday items.

Art for All: A Paradigm Shift

Our story begins with a revolutionary idea: art is not an exclusive club; it's a universal language. It's more than masterpieces framed in gold, hidden away in distant museums. Art is a form of self-expression, a vessel for culture, and a conduit for stories. It can brighten your darkest days, ignite your imagination, and connect you to the world in unimaginable ways. The magic of art should be within reach of every individual, regardless of background or status.

"Design acts as the bridge between the esoteric world of art and the practicality of everyday life. It simplifies complex art forms into elemental shapes, colors, and patterns, rendering them accessible and relatable. This principle lies at the heart of our mission – we leverage design to metamorphose art into everyday objects, ensuring that art's universal appeal is recognized by all."

The Artful Playing Cards

In homage to our philosophy, we embarked on an extraordinary project that seamlessly melds art, design, and everyday interaction: the creation of our artful playing cards. Playing cards are an integral part of our daily lives, used for entertainment, strengthening connections with our loved ones, and even offering a hint of fortune-telling. We recognized these cards as the perfect canvas for art to permeate our daily routines. Our talented designers embarked on a meticulous journey to infuse these unassuming cards with artistic elements, transforming them into exquisite pieces of art while retaining their functionality. Each card showcases a blend of art, featuring the vibrant hues, captivating shapes, and intricate patterns that celebrate creativity and beauty. These cards transcend their role as mere tools for a game; they stand as a testament to the democratization of art. With every shuffle and deal, art seamlessly becomes an inseparable part of the experience. It's a small yet significant step toward our vision of a world where art is an integral and accessible aspect of daily life, highlighting the rich tradition of Gond paintings and the artistry of abstract and human figurines.

Daily Artistry: A Vision for Everyday Life

After the triumphant journey of our artful playing cards, CORE Experience is now setting its sights on a grander vision, one that encompasses a diverse range of everyday products. Imagine your mornings being greeted by mugs that brim with the spirit of creativity. Picture yourself adorning t-shirts that are living canvases of vibrant artistry. As you sip your favorite beverages, let cups cradle them in masterpieces of artistry. Envision notebooks and diaries that are not mere pages but wellsprings of perpetual inspiration for your thoughts,these everyday products, infused with art, are a testament to our vision—democratizing art and weaving it into the fabric of daily life

Shaping Tomorrow's Everyday Art

Our journey to integrate art into everyday life continues, and we're excited about the limitless possibilities ahead. Art is not a privilege; it's a right, a joy, and a daily companion. In the words of the legendary painter Vincent van Gogh, "Art is to console those who are broken by life." Let art's healing touch soothe and uplift, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Join us in painting everyday life with the colors of art, breaking barriers, and granting art the accessibility it deserves. Together, we can redefine art's boundaries, making it inclusive and pervasive.