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  • 260, 3rd Cross Rd, near Kaveri Healthcare, Stage 2, Domlur,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071

Product & Packaging


  • Client: Machani Group
  • Target Audience: Entrepreneurs
  • Objective: To elevate stationery to as a form of jewellery

Welcome to Twain, where writing becomes a canvas for artistic expression. At Core Experience, our passion for design extends into every corner of the corporate world. We set out to redefine the writing instrument for the discerning corporate professional, and Twain is the embodiment of that vision.

Our journey with Twain began with a deep understanding of the corporate world's demands, where style and functionality needed a harmonious blend. Twain symbolizes this fusion, transforming tasks like note-taking, document signing, or sketching into art forms that reflect your commitment to excellence. It embodies both style and substance in its sleek design and magnetic stand, elevating corporate professionalism into an artful practice. At Core Experience, we craft not just designs but experiences, and Twain is a testament to our commitment to elevate your corporate world, one stroke at a time.