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Brand & Experience

91 Tactica

  • Client
    SSS Defence
  • Visual Designer
    Tharun Harold
  • Date
    February 10, 2022
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We embraced the honor of designing 91 Tactica's logo. This symbol, inspired by the iconic imagery of military dog tags, encapsulates unapologetic boldness and unwavering precision. We were inspired by 91 Tactica's dedication to accessibility, quality, and unwavering commitment. Our design isn't static; it's a flexible emblem ready to evolve with the brand, just like the products it represents.

Our collaboration with 91 Tactica went beyond mere design; it was about capturing the spirit of a brand dedicated to excellence. We set out to create a logo that reflects more than just a brand; it mirrors a mindset. This dynamic emblem stands as a symbol of adaptability, mirroring the innovative spirit that defines 91 Tactica. Our goal was to craft a visual identity that transcends time, ready to adapt to diverse color treatments and dynamic movements. In doing so, we created a logo that serves as an ode to 91 Tactica's unwavering commitment to innovation, ready to resonate with the defense community and enthusiasts alike.