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Communication & Publishing

Svasa Homes

  • Creative Designer
    Sushmita Goswami
  • Date
    April 18, 2019

Our project focused on crafting a book that would eloquently encapsulate Svasa Homes' soul - a narrative that speaks of holistic living, its deep-rooted connection to Indian heritage, and a relentless dedication to superior craftsmanship and sophisticated tastes.

The book itself was intended to be an embodiment of the brand's values and principles, echoing its commitment to both a rich heritage and an opulent way of life.

Our wellspring of inspiration? The enchanting elements of heritage are housed within Svasa Homes' Common House.

Each wrapping paper design was thoughtfully woven to reflect the brand's profound roots and to add an exquisite touch to every gift. Our overarching goal was to create a book of exceptional quality, serving as a tangible representation of Svasa Homes' profound commitment to reviving heritage, nurturing holistic living, and delivering a transformative experience. We aspired to craft something not only visually appealing but also transformational - evoking a profound appreciation for its decorative nuances, craftsmanship, and the true heritage of Svasa Homes.