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Art of Concealing

Product and Packaging

Imagine a world where everyday objects elegantly blend into the tapestry of your living spaces, leaving only their exquisite craftsmanship behind. This is the essence of Art of Concealing, a journey nurtured with love and dedication by the designers at Core Experience Studio. Driven by our deep-rooted passion for innovative design, our goal was simple. It was to seamlessly merge functional appliances with your home's aesthetic charm.

We take pride in our ability to transform mundane objects into pieces of art, enriching your space without disrupting its visual equilibrium. Whether it's a fancy water heat that becomes an elegant addition to your washroom or a playful character-inspired dustbin that sparks creativity in a playroom, our creations are carefully curated to elevate your surroundings one object at a time. Explore our collection and experience the seamless integration of aesthetics and purpose. Welcome to a world where refined living takes center stage, and every piece is a masterpiece in disguise.

Our incursion into the Art of Concealing was rooted in two fundamental principles close to our hearts: an appreciation for the artistry of design and a profound respect for our environment. We embarked on this path not as pioneers, but as humble explorers, seeking to transform ordinary household appliances into unobtrusive marvels that become an integral part of your living spaces. Our mission was driven by the desire to redefine their functionality and their ability to harmonize with your home's overall ambiance