Importance of art at Svasa

Svasa Homes is highly inspired by India's rich and timeless heritage. The exquisite spaces in Svasa are embellished with original artworks created by our in-house artists. Each piece of art has been created by using various innovative techniques in mixed media art. Extracted from mythological stories, divine incarnations, and glorious manifestations of goddesses, each masterpiece invokes a feeling of coming back to one's roots.
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Lord Vijayalakshmi Image Lord Vijayalakshmi Image


Vijayalakshmi is the goddess of victory, her instruments include a sword, noose, lotus, discus, conch, and two hands in mudras (symbolic hand gestures).
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Dhairyalakshmi is a divine manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, known in Hindu mythology as the giver of wealth and abundance.
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Lord Dhairyalakshmi Image Lord Dhairyalakshmi Image
Lord Gajalakshmi Image Lord Gajalakshmi Image


Gajalakshmi, the goddess of prosperity and abundance


The Mother of all gods, goddesses, humanity and creation itself, goddess Parvati is the personification of Shakti (divine energy).
Lord Parvati Image Lord Parvati Image
Lord Saraswati Image Lord Saraswati Image


Saraswati, goddess of wisdom, art,and knowledge.
Lotus Flower